The Ryan White Program

Free or low-cost HIV care

(including medical and/or support services)

The Ryan White Program helps people living with HIV receive a number of services that can help them stay healthy. The services include medical treatment and supportive services.
Services covered by the Ryan White Program are available to almost any person living with HIV in Los Angeles County regardless of citizenship or lack of insurance.

Count on the services you
need most, free or low cost

The Ryan White Program can help you access many HIV-related health care and support services you need.

The Ryan White Program helps you with access to:

HIV-related medical care

Benefits Specialty


Housing Assistance

Dental health services

Mental health services

Case management

Nutrition/food bank

Legal services

Translation and interpretation

Need someone to guide
you through the process?

When you take the step to enroll, you will be connected to a team of specialists who can guide you through every step of the process. This team will help you create a plan designed to meet your needs alongside the services you are eligible to receive. Follow these steps and let us help you.

Follow these steps and let us help you.

You may be eligible for the Ryan White Program if you:

  • Are living with HIV in Los Angeles County
  • Don’t have insurance or have insurance that doesn’t fully cover your costs of care
  • Cannot afford to pay for HIV care

What you need
to enroll:

  • Proof of your HIV diagnosis
  • Proof that you live in Los Angeles County
    (e.g., State driver’s license, ID cards, or utility bills
    with your name and address)
  • Proof of income or no income
    (e.g. pay stubs or bank statements)

Don’t worry if you don’t have the documentation listed above. We can still help you access these services.

A Benefits Specialist / Case Manager will:

  • Help you understand what services you are
    eligible to receive
  • Connect you with these services

The Ryan White Program serves persons who are undocumented.

Services covered by the Ryan White Program are not considered Public Charge and are available to any person living with HIV regardless of citizenship and immigration status.

Get connected today

Look for your Benefits Specialist/Case Manager to find what care and services the Ryan White Program can offer you.

 Discover real-life transformations

Every day, the Ryan White Program helps those living with HIV get or stay undetectable. Check out how they took the first steps to get quality care and services for free or low cost with the Ryan White Program.

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Customer Support Line

If you need help with addressing concerns about the quality of the services you have received,
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